Welcome to my wee website. I am glad you are here! Are you looking for some relaxation or do you want some help with your inner growth and go further on your way to find yourself? Maybe I can help you with my various techniques and my inner wisdom. I offer distant healing sessions via WhatsApp or telephone.

Reading Cards

Do you want to know if the job opportunity is good for you? Or how your current project is going? You have to start new and you don´ t know which path leads you to your best option?

A card reading session can help to uncover the hidden potentials of your options.

We can also make a card reading when you want a forecast of the whole next year.

Energy Healing Sessions

You may enjoy an energy healing session if you have for example:

- sleep issues
- worries and anxieties
- energy blockages
- when you have a low level of energy
- when you cannot relax
- when you feel overwhelmed
- and so on

Just message me and we can make an appointment for a distant healing session.

Please note, that I am not a doctor. I can support your overall wellbeeing but I can not cure dieseases.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a wonderful opportunity to bring balance to your system. They can also help with concentration, self-esteem, uplift your mood or make you feel better. I can compose your own essential oil blend which supports you in your current situation. You can choose between getting the reciepe (ideal when you already have oils at home) or the whole blend in a 10ml roll-on.

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About me

I am there for you when you need balance in your life. Balance for every aspect - family, work, finance and so on. And - of course - FUN. 

Body, mind and soul are one entity. And so are humans and nature and animals.

I want to teach people how to come closer in contact with our mother nature and how to be part of it again.

Contact me

All of my card readings or energy healing sessions will be from distance. We can write or talk about your issues and then I will balance your energy system. Afterwards I get in contact with you and we discuss what happened or where I felt blockages and so on. You will also get some hints from me how to support your body and energy system.

My phone number: 0899 47 5241
WhatsApp or Telegram is fine to get in contact.


Energy healing session - 60,-

Card reading up to 30 min - 30,-
Card reading up to 60 min - 60,-